Clinical Review Process

SecureCare’s proprietary clinical review (CR) model is based on a data-driven, best-practices approach. It has been designed to allow you to practice without review or oversight, if within the statistical norms in predetermined areas. In turn, the CR program will give each patient the opportunity to receive the proper treatment, based upon the best scientific evidence in the most appropriate setting.

While other independent physicians associations are administered by nondoctor managers, the management of SecureCare’s resources is overseen by doctors of chiropractic. After all, who knows the chiropractic field better than fellow chiropractic physicians?

Why the SecureCare Process is Unique

  • SecureCare will not require you, or the patient, to obtain prior authorization for chiropractic services.
  • Providers have clinical autonomy.
  • Rather than driving down clinical benchmarks and pushing you to continue to reduce the number of services, we establish globally agreed upon targets with insurance company partners for the entire network.
  • Benchmarks are based on, and supported by, scientific literature, billing/utilization data and consensus data, as opposed to arbitrary numbers that must be adhered to.

The CR Process

SecureCare provides ongoing monitoring and feedback of all participating providers. Under our care-management model, variable levels of oversight are applied, depending upon how far a doctor’s utilization deviates from normative targets. Our clinical staff works with doctors to identify actionable clinical performance improvements.