Contract Management

SecureCare offers you access to the Valence Health Contract Management tool, which allows doctors of chiropractic the ability to review and select desired insurance company contracts. This tool will allow you to perform the following reviews:

Fee Schedule Review

The Fee Schedule Review allows you to review the fees for the contracts in which you currently participate. These fee schedules can be compared to the area Medicare fee schedule on a CPT code-specific basis, as well as on a weighted-average basis, using national utilization data specific to a specialty. You will also have the ability to input your own utilization, or download the information into Microsoft Excel, to better analyze and manipulate the data.

Contract Messengering

With Contract Messengering, you can review any newly proposed fee schedules. You will also have the ability to electronically accept or reject the fee schedules online, and print off and sign their acceptance or rejection. All Valence Health new contracts will be messengered directly to you.