SecureCare has served the needs of providers and major insurance companies for over 25 years, providing network services to over two million people annually. SecureCare’s Clinical Review objective is to ensure all in-network providers utilize an appropriate level of care for patients from a clinical necessity standpoint. SecureCare does not determine the appropriateness of care by a prior authorization process. Instead, we provide oversight through a retrospective data analysis which creates sound, predictable business outcomes for both conservative care providers and health plans.

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“SecureCare’s management model is a reliable way to ensure that participating providers are performing at the highest standards possible. Providers can take care in knowing that joining SecureCare eliminates all the nightmares typically associated with TPA’s and affords them the opportunity to continue providing the much-needed conservative care for their patients. I am excited that the Doctors of Chiropractic in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have the opportunity to become members of the SecureCare.”

-Alison Benedetto, DC
 President, Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association

“Having a professional organization like SecureCare looking out for the health and wellness of the people of Nebraska is so important. They ensure our community has amazing access to high-quality conservative care. They also support and raise the standard of care among providers.”

-Chris Erickson, DPT, Cert MDT, ATC

“SecureCare offers network management services with a progressive business model that is market-sensitive. Member and provider satisfaction will be enhanced while there is zero cost to the payer.”

-Sue McHargue
BCBSNE Health Networks Retiree

“SecureCare has proven to us that they have the guidance, knowledge and vision to promote chiropractic. I appreciate all that SecureCare has done for the Minnesota Chiropractic Association and Minnesota chiropractors over the past few years. Our reimbursements have improved and we continue to make progress in the right direction.”

-Steve Biermaier, DC

Frequently Asked Questions

How is SecureCare different from other network management companies?

SecureCare is a provider-owned network management company that requires NO prior authorizations unless mandated by a health plan. In that case, all prior authorizations would be handled by the health plan, not SecureCare.

How can I get in contact with SecureCare?

Toll-free:      1-877-462-4476

Provider Services: 402-934-4744 x1

Accounting:      402-934-4744 x2

Credentialing:      402-934-4744 x3

Fax:      402-934-4908

Why is my web browser having issues with SecureCare’s Provider Portal?

The SecureCare website, Provider Portal and ePay sites all work best when using the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome.

How do I access my monthly report card?

To access your monthly report card, click here. Once logged in, click on “Report Card” button, and select the health plan and month for the report card you are requesting.

How do I change my Provider Portal password on the SecureCare website?

To change your password, click here. Below the login credentials, you will see a link for “Forgot Password”. The system will then ask you for your username and the three security questions answered when initially setting up the account.

How do I access my fee schedule?

  • If you are in Alaska or Minnesota, please click here.
  • All other states click here.