Why SecureCare?

Why SecureCare?

SecureCare is an Independent Physicians Association (IPA) that has been in business for over 25 years and is able to deliver results at a fraction of the cost of competitors due to our focus on targeted technology. Our proprietary clinical review model is managed by providers licensed within the same musculoskeletal specialty and is based on a data-driven, best-practices approach. SecureCare’s unique solutions include data analytics, clinical review, contract management, and a clinical assistance program.

SecureCare is URAC accredited as a CVO in provider credentialing. SecureCare is able to fully credential providers on behalf of payers with no added cost to the providers.


Our technologically driven, state-of-the-art platform makes SecureCare a leader in clinical review, credentialing, and being a valued partner to insurance companies.

Insurance companies benefit from our internal clinical review system that reduces fraud, waste and abuse. SecureCare’s network of providers is held to a practitioner performance standard that is continually monitored and managed.

There are no fees for insurance companies to participate. The SecureCare business model has a proven track record of effectively managing costs, while ensuring payer and provider satisfaction.


SecureCare delivers ongoing monitoring and feedback to all participating providers. Under our care-management model, members of SecureCare are held to a practitioner performance standard. Variable levels of oversight are applied, depending upon how far a provider’s utilization patterns deviate from normative targets and standards of care.

If a provider fails to meet the appropriate standard of care, the clinical support team may implement one, or a combination of intervention strategies. These would help identify and educate providers regarding required performance improvements.