Why SecureCare?

SecureCare is a provider-owned network management company advocating for conservative care providers. Our mission is to reinvent healthcare network management.

Simple, efficient, and fair – these are SecureCare’s values. We operate transparently and ethically by building deep, lasting relationships founded on trust and respect with providers and health plans. This balanced approach has proven to forge productive win-win partnerships.

SecureCare focuses on four core objectives:

  • Eliminate prior authorizations
  • Educate outliers
  • Improve relationships
  • Protect patients and providers

Provider Benefits

  • Network Management – SecureCare utilizes a targeted approach. We are a data-driven company that analyzes key performance metrics to identify outlier providers. This approach decreases unnecessary administrative burdens for the majority of clinics without disrupting overall patient care. SecureCare focuses on outlier clinics by establishing the necessary steps for those clinics to comply with our requirements. This includes improvements in the areas of documentation, correct coding and billing, and patient management.
  • Less Administrative Burden – Most providers are able to care for patients without excessive oversight. In addition, SecureCare does not require prior authorizations unless mandated by the insurance company. In that case, all prior authorizations would be handled by the health plan, not SecureCare.
  • Performance Reporting & Clinical Review – SecureCare manages the network based on the analysis of key performance metrics. Clinics have access to a secure, online monthly report card that allows them to view their performance, make comparisons to their peers, and review network benchmarks. If needed, SecureCare performs peer-to-peer medical record reviews. This ensures that providers receive detailed support and education.

State Association Benefits

  • Financial Support – Predictable and valuable economic support, even in the absence of a health plan contract.
  • Assigned Delegate – A dedicated SecureCare representative will be made available to each participating association for conference calls, board meetings, and engagements with members at events.
  • Advocacy – SecureCare is a unified voice with a larger reach for conservative care providers across the country by raising awareness for each profession and promoting conservative care first.

Health Plan Benefits

  • SecureCare Model – Our technologically driven, state-of-the-art platform makes SecureCare a leader in clinical review, credentialing, and a valued partner to health plans and providers.
  • Clinical Review – Our proprietary clinical review system reduces fraud, waste and, abuse while holding providers to a practitioner performance standard that is continually monitored and managed.
  • Provider Satisfaction – The SecureCare business model has a proven track record of effectively managing costs while ensuring provider and health plan satisfaction.