Lukas Biermaier, DC

As chiropractors, we care for the individuals that make up families in our community which in turn takes care of our families. Providers are charged with the great responsibility of caring for individual people with individual needs and individual histories. These individuals make up the families in our community that we have the privilege of working with. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for these families within our communities we would not be where we are today, hopefully enjoying the life that this opportunity has granted us.

I have had the great privilege to work and treat patients in my hometown of Crookston, MN, under the mentor ship of my father Dr. Steve Biermaier, DC who also grew up in this community. This community has cared for our families and has now given us the opportunity to give back and serve. Family and community care has been and always will be a highlight of our practice. Treating each patient with the dignity and respect they deserve has allowed myself and my family to grow and thrive in this town.

The sense of gratitude I have is hard to express in words, but actions can go a long ways.

As a provider, we have to understand our role in the community.  How simply going out to a community event or a high school sporting event can give back to your community. As the “doctor” you have the privilege of always being on call whenever you leave your house. My father has counseled me in saying “if you do not want to work, do not leave your house”. The community will look to you if there is an injury at the old man’s softball game. The athletes will look to you for advice on training and injury recovery when you are at the high school game. At church, you will even give the priest/pastor as well as those around you reassurance if an elderly woman faints due to postural hypotension on Easter Sunday while also dialing EMS.

These and many more are real opportunities my father and I have had to give back to the community we serve.

Realizing your role in the community and preparing for that role, I feel is an obligation of every provider. Being able to act on the opportunity to serve your community in this way will ensure that the cycle continues in which you will care for your community that cares for you and your families.